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Chicking enters China; Two franchise stores inaugurated; Will open 500 stores in South East Asian coutnries in the next five years, says Chicking Chairman and Managing Director A K Mansoor

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Shenzhen : Chicking, the world’s first halal quick service restaurant brand has started it’s operations in China. Two stores were inaugurated at Shenzhen by A.K Mansoor, Chicking  Chairman and Managing Director. E A Quantum SDNBHD Chairman Tedy Teow, Director Randy Lee also attended the inaugural ceremony.

According to A K Mansoor, the  Chairman and Managing Director of the brand, the development project of Chicking is so designed that more stores are to be opened in the South East Asian countries. A master franchise agreement have already been signed with the E A Quantum SDNBHD, a Malaysia based company. According to this agreement, Chicking would be opening more than 500 stores in nine countries which are China,Philippense, Singapore, Thailand,Vietnam, Taiwan, Myanmar, Combodia and Brunei. Besides this more than 100 stores will be opened in 25 European countries as per the agreement signed with INTO franchise of Netherlands. Mansoor added that 25 stores in 11 countries such as China, UAE,Oman, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Maldives,Malaysia, Brunei, Newzealand, Djibouti, Morocco will be operational in the next three months. New stores will be opened at Sydney, Cape town, and Paris as well by this October.

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Two stores in Netherlands will be operational by the next month and another three in the UK by the end of this year. Several stores have already been opened in the South East Asia according to the agreement with EA Quantum SDNBHD. There are 14 stores in Malaysia now and another 20 will be opened this year. Six stores have been opened in Indonesia, said Mansoor.

Established in 2000 Dubai based ‘Chicking’ currently boasts 140 outlets in different countries across the globe and is the only fully halal compliant world brand. According to A K Mansoor,the scrumptious taste and the foodies with terrific sensory appeal who make their own ‘choice’ are the secrets behind the phenomenal growth of Chicking. The distinct recipies which we simply present with the tag ‘it’s my choice’ make Chicking the brand with a difference. Besides this is the only halal compliant QSR brand in the World.

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Chicking keeps international standards in hygiene, service and qualtiy of food making it the most significant brand. The brand won the hearts of many in each and every coutnry we entered with the varieties of taste. Chicking itnroduces novel items which satisfy the customers need with Grilled chicken and Grilled burger being the pick of them. The Grilled products which are 100 percent oil free are already a hit in the market. Chicking have the assortment of tastes for each one of a family. Pasta is yet another prized food item we offer now. Multiple varieties of Pizza, and desserts are available now. Spaghetti and Periperi chicken made with different sausces will be added to the Chicking menu next month. The Chicking rice porridge is another item which has gone very well with the customers.

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Chicking won the loyalty of customers by serving safe and hygienic halal food. The flavours we have are the perfect blend of fresh and tatsy ingredients along with high quality spices and herbs. This is how Chicking won the heart of millions. 15 million people come to Chicking’s 140 strong network all over the globe monthly. No matter which country or which race you are from Chicking serves you with an array of tastes from Mexican, American, Indian and Italian cuisine. Chicking was confined to a few stores till 2006 ,when we decided to go overseas. In the last decade Chicking took a giant leap spreading across the continents with 140 stores. BFI Management DMCC is the franchisee management division which designs the global agenda of Chicking. A team of highly qualified and trained professionals are behind the franchisee system. The system is so designed that the franchisee could grow and develop in a short span of time. By the year 2025 Chicking aims to open 1000 stores all over the world, says Chicking Chairman and Managing Director A K Mansoor.